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Aurora interlock sealing

Aurora Interlock Sealing

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Aurora Interlock Sealing Services

Trusted Interlock sealing and interlock maintenance experts in Aurora

About Us:

Como Maintenance Services offers the best interlock sealing and interlocking maintenance in Aurora, the York region, and all of the GTA.

Are you trying to find a trustworthy and experienced interlock sealing service? Como Maintenance Services is the place to look! We are a team of professionals with the specific goal of conducting business with the highest degree of honesty and completing each task to the greatest satisfaction of our clients. We have based our company on the values of environmental consciousness, superior customer service, high-quality finishes, honesty, and integrity. We take great pride in having been entrusted with our clients' most prized and distinctive possessions.

Aurora and the rest of York Region is served by Como Maintenance Services, which offers interlock sealing services for both homes and businesses. In addition to having WSIB coverage and full liability insurance, our skilled technicians are among the kindest people in the business!

Aurora Interlock Sealing

We provide very competitive pricing along with quick task completion. Our goal is to offer the greatest customer service experience in the sector. Our knowledgeable technicians are kind, considerate individuals who know how important it is to handle your property with care and respect. Building enduring connections is essential to our business, and we go above and beyond to ensure that you are a delighted, content customer.

Expert interlock sealing services in Aurora

Every Aurora interlock sealing service is unique and it deserves a fully customized approach. Whether you own a thriving business or owning a beautiful home, Como Maintenance Services can and will improve your aesthetics and therefor improve your property value and better foot traffic for your business. Power washing is an effective cleaning approach that will improve the appearance of your driveway and walkway pavers. Our best in quality sealer compound will enhance and protect your beautiful interlocking surfaces. By choosing us as your interlocking maintenance contractor, you can rest assured that your valuable property will be taken care of the best way possible. We utilize best cleaning methods, customized for variety of surfaces and contamination types. For though stains like oil and grease, our hot water power washing units will breakdown oil or grease particles more easily and with help of cleaning detergents even most stubborn stains have no chance. After washing is complete, if needed we will add polymeric sand between interlock pavers for a more robust hold. Clear coat sealer thereafter will protect and enhance interlocking surfaces. We use only best products on the market that we have used for years and that have been tested for durability and strength.

Aurora interlock maintenance

Why is regular Interlock Maintenance needed?

Hiring professionals to have your interlocking stone landscaping surfaces properly cleaned and sealed is one of the best ways to protect your investment. Even though your pavers receive a lot of traffic over the years, they have the potential to last for a very long time, but only if you give them the proper care they need. During the cleaning and sealing service, stains will be treated, stones rejuvenated, joints will be refilled, and weeds will be removed. After this, a transparent layer of sealing liquid will be put down over the pavers, helping to preserve their colour and protecting them from further damage.

Avoiding or waiting to long to invest into interlock maintenance can create costly repair no one want to have. If you have grass growing in between the pavers, the alarm has turned on.

Grass and weed roots can and will let water sip through polymeric sand barrier and slowly but surely wash out underlayment sand. Your pavers will start to sing or shift, creating fall hazards. At this stage costly repair is imminent. Ant nests for instance can create the same effect. Don't wait until it's too late! Contact your local interlock sealing contractor and arrange a visit. With proper interlock maintenance your interlocking surfaces will always look at its best while lasting you long time to come. Remember, every $100 spent on maintenance is $1000 spent on repair work.

Trusted Aurora Interlock Sealing Contractor

Let our experienced Aurora interlock sealing experts take care of your house and business cleaning and sealing needs. From driveways to walkways to patios to complete squares, our crew can do it all.

​Como Maintenance Team strives to impress you with high-quality workmanship. We want to be able to assist you in improving the appearance and condition of your house and business. Working with us ensures that the task will be finished carefully and with long-term results.

You will be astonished with the results of our power washing and interlock maintenance team. Your house or business exteriors will be clean and cared for as it was our own, Whether it is just removing oil stains from your interlock driveway using power cleaning techniques, sealing or complete interlocking surface renovation, we are more than happy to help you with offering detailed explanation in processes, supplying you with free estimate, keeping you up to date with work progress and delivering timely completion. We take great pride in our work and constantly go above and beyond to meet and exceed your expectation.

Aurora Interlock Sealing

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Aurora interlock sealing
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