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Pressure Washing Patio Stones

How to wash patio stones properly

Just like any other surface, pavers, interlocking or patio stones are also always susceptible to dirt. Especially in outdoor areas, it’s very common to see dust accumulation, and when it comes to pavers, it is natural that other types of unwanted “dirt” start to appear. 

Weeds growing at the joints, mold, moss, they are just a few examples of unwanted presences on outdoor pavers.

One of the most common methods and probably the best way to do so of cleaning them is with a pressure washer. You just need to turn on the washer and go clean everything that stands in your path, right? No!

Although it seems easy, it’s important to remember that for every cleaning method, you must follow a series of guidelines to make sure you’re not damaging your pavers, especially when pressure washing.







In most cases, to get pavers clean with a pressure washer it requires using a jet style tip. This amount of pressure will easily damage the surface. Using a fan tip typically will not damage, but likely won’t achieve the level of clean you’re after.

If you pressure wash your pavers correctly, it will help your property look good as new. However, don’t fret if you don’t want to handle cleaning pavers with a pressure washer on your own—it can be intimidating because you don’t want to ruin your patio and displace the pavers. Instead, rely on the experts who know how to pressure wash your pavers with care and efficiency.



Instead of using hand held sprayer, consider using rotation cleaners

The surface or rotation cleaner has a spinning head within a contained unit, with rotating arms – similar to a lawnmower. The arms spin as a result of the high pressure of water, which creates a scrubbing action. The greatest advantage in using an industrial surface cleaner is that they eliminate the “zebra” striping, which is typical to cleaning done with regular wands.


When more power is needed,  use a turbo rotary nozzle but with care.


This special attachment or so called nozzle tip increases the psi substantially. It spins a zero degree spray, in a 4-8 inch circle, at over 3000 rotations per minute. The spinning water jet hits the surface from multiple angles, which quickly breaks down crust on dirt and grime.

How to clean motor oil stains of pavers

The same as grease stains, oil stains can be removed with Professional Grade Oil and Grease remover. Depending on how long the grease or oil has been present on the surface of the stones, it may require more than one use to remove the stain. With the oil sitting on the surface of the stones, it will penetrate deeper into the porous material. When using any oil stain remover products, it is always recommended to read carefully the manufacturer instructions and it would not hurt to read reviews on that particular product. After you make the decision on what product to use, don't just go ahead and treat your oil spots with the chemical, your patio stone might have a different reaction to the chemical solution other than stated in the description or review. You should always choose a small hidden section to try the product on, once you are sure of there outcome, you can used it on the more exposed spots.

Can you use pressure washer to remove oil stains?

Yes and No!

Motor oil and grease, brake down only at high temperatures, using a regular cold water pressure washer will not be able to remove oil and grease stains. Trying to do so will most likely cause damage to the pawer doe to the frustration of operator, if a stain does not go away as desired, many homeowners increase the pressure or go too close to the effected area, this should be avoided at all times. But, if regular pressure washer doesn't cut it, what will work? You might ask.

There is a great solution to the problem and to the question raised. Hot water pressure washing! Now, this is where homeowners need to call pressure washing professionals to to the job. Trying to find a vendor who rents hot water pressure washers is next to impossible, and buying one to remove driveway oil stains has no economical value. Hot water pressure washer cost between $4000 and $20000 CAD.




Pressure washing your driveway or walkway patio stones can be very rewarding task. It takes some time and effort to master the pressure washing techniques, but once this task is learned, it can be a fun DIY task. Should you feel that pressure washing is to much hassle, you can always contact local professional pressure washing contractor in Toronto in order to get the surfaces cleaned in safe and efficient manner.

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