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Walkway pressure washing toronto

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building and walkway washing Toronto

Driveway and Sidewalk Wash

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A well-kept property is more likely to attract visitors. Whether it’s an office building, restaurant, storefront, or gas station, Como Maintenance Services is committed to revitalizing the space so it looks fresh and inviting. Your driveway and sidewalk is the very first thing your clients notice. Walkways and building wash is our expertise. We use best equipment in the industry, exclusive wash equipment to clean walkways and building exteriors. The result is an efficient, deep clean space hat will make you stand out from your competitors.

We can easily remove unwanted grease spillage, gum, dirt, graffiti and other unattractive stains from your property.

The combination of our hot wash system and wash expertise will remove hardest blemishes.  If you own a restaurant, you know how frustrating removing stains and grease build-up can be, especially around dumpsters. Let us help you maintain a grease-free disposal area and keep your employees safe from unnecessary slips and falls due to grease build-up.

Pressure washing Toronto



At Como Power Wash Team we make use of pure water and only if needed environmentally friendly products, safe soaps purposefully designed for driveway and sidewalk wash by conserving the environment at large. We work with your schedule in order not to disrupt your sales and potential clients.  We have an amazing customer service to attend to your needs at all times. We can arrange a one visit service or as part of a routine maintenance schedule for your driveway and sidewalk pristine looks.

Other Commercial Pressure Washing Services We Offer

Our staff are trained to work at heights and in confined spaces, allowing us to meet the needs of our customers. Our commercial applications include but are not limited to the ones:

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  • Trucks & Commercial Fleets

  • Parking Facilities & Garages

  • Shopping Centres, Malls & Plazas

  • Agricultural Equipment & Outbuildings

  • Parks & Picnic Areas

  • Restaurants

  • Schools, Colleges & University Campuses

  • Parking Lots

  • Gyms & Fitness Studios

  • Structures & Monuments 

  • Movie Theatres

  • Wineries & Vineyards

  • Gas Stations

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Sidewalk and Walkway Cleaning Professionals

As a business owner, you are juggling many responsibilities from managing sales, employees, supply chain, and the list goes on. Como Pressure Wash Team offers managers recurring appointments to keep the building’s exterior and grounds looking it’s best.

Como Maintenance Services is a Toronto pressure washing company specializing in commercial and residential cleaning. 

We clean and maintain your property’s surfaces for aesthetic purposes, longevity, and to increase real estate value.

Please contact us to book our expert driveway and sidewalk wash services in Toronto. We are also proud to offer graffiti removal services for our valued clients.

Restaurant Sidewalk Washing

Keeping your restaurant’s outside sidewalk clean is essential for many reasons.  Curb appeal plays a major role in customers decision making. A restaurant whose exterior areas don’t look clean will make the impression that cleanliness is probably not the first thing on owners mind. Potential clients will instead choose to dine at a more attractive location.

A small investment into driveway and sidewalk wash will have a tremendous ROI. We use hot water pressure washers to get rid of hardest stains and undesirable objects like oil, grease and gum.  

Beside driveway and sidewalk wash, we clean canopies, outside patios, entrance ways and patio furniture. Need your trash dumpster area cleaned? Our hot water washing and detergents will provide transformative results. 

Expert Sidewalk Cleaning Services


For highly effective and quality driveway and sidewalk cleaning in Toronto and the GTA, we utilize top pressure and power washing equipment. Our equipment has highest rating in the industry and delivers the professional pressure washing effect for any surface. It gets rid of dirt, moss, gum, and stains to leave your driveway or sidewalk looking inviting. Our powerful pressure washing systems can be used for cold and hot applications, that way we can wash more surfaces effectively. Even greasy restaurant dumpsters are easy task for us. 

Professional Cleaning equipment


Our pressure washing equipment is professional-grade, state of the art tool from leading and reputable manufacturers in pressure washing business. This means that we use only professional-industrial grade powerful units that will deliver best outcomes and are extremely efficient to get the job done as quick and accurate as possible. It blasts off dirt, grime, deeply wedged weeds, graffiti from walls and oil from driveways and walkways. No matter how much dirt has accumulated over time on your driveway or sidewalk, our pressure washing equipment and pressure wash team know how will eliminate unwanted look in minutes.

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