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Property Maintenance Servicea Toronto

Residential Property Maintenance

Como Maintenance Services is East Gwillimbury based property maintenance company that provides preventive, predictive and pro-active maintenance to homeowners across the GTA and more.

Most people look for help after a problem has happened and that is fine, but we can help Home owners to prevent future damages or even excitants  Wind can cause damage to the roof, snow and ice can cause siding to crack and let the water in. Not properly maintained driveway can have cracks that will enable the growth of weeds or let water to sip in, destroying the underlayment. 


With our experience in home renovation and maintenance we can help you to avoid costly repairs down the road.

At Como residential services, we identify and recondition minor problems before they become major ones.

We will deal with every client on highly professional level and we will treat your home like our own.

Residential property maintenance in Toronto offered by us will be fully customized for your needs. From small day to day repair, caulking, sealing up to major renovation, we will provide top service needed in order to maintain your property at best possible level!





















List of Services We offer:

Seasonal Maintenance                                -       Pressure washing, eavestrough cleaning...


Driveway and patios                                   -       Pressure washing, polymeric sand adding, sealing

Tree Pruning                                               -       Tree and shrubs pruning

Structure Renovation                                  -       Siding, Gutter, Downspout, Columns


Decking and Fences                                    -       Deck and Fence installation & repair, Staining

Pressure Washing                                       -       Driveways, Decking, Interlocking, Siding, Patio, Buildings

Other Services we provide:


Siding repair and upgrade

Interlocking repair

Drywall repair and installation

Handyman service

Gutter & Downspout Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair

Door replacement

Indoor & Outdoor Painting

Grass cutting

Graffiti removal

Post construction cleaning

Lawn mowing

Your Home and Business is important to Us.  Contact Us today to book your appointment today.



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Toronto Property Maintenance

Our Team is ready to help today! 


Your Home is important to us.

Contact Us today to book your Cost Free Consultation and Job Estimate.

If a Service you require isn’t on our list, Contact Us! 

Our Project Management Team gives us a large portfolio of services we can offer you. 

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Best Property Maintenance in the GTA

Serving the Greater Toronto Area Como Maintenance has maintained and repaired some of the most distinctive  properties in and around the Toronto area. We offer a proven track record of bringing top care for our GTA residential properties.

Residential property maintenance in Toronto, Aurora, Newmarket and King Township has become our prime business focus since the pandemic started. The growth in residential clients for us meant some scheduling and equipment changes, but we are glad making that decision. We have met many great people who we happily helped in achieving the desired outcome.

We can help you enjoy the beauty of your garden all around the year and admire the different faces of seasons reflected on your home surroundings. We are dedicated to make sure your property is looking better then the rest. Our team takes the time with you to develop a maintenance program to make sure your property is beautifully maintained and looked after in every aspect.

If the services you inquire is not stated above, Call Us!

We will provide the service for you.

Residential Property Maintenance Areas in the GTA

Como Maintenance Services is proud to serve communities across Ontario, including Toronto and the GTA, Mississauga, Markham, Richmond Hill, Oshawa, Newmarket, East Gwillimbury, Barrie  and more.

Como Maintenance Services is Commercial Property Maintenance Contractor at your service 24/7

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