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Power Washing Oily Driveway

How to Power Wash Oily Driveways

Is your driveway plagued by unsightly oil stains that seem impossible to remove? Welcome to Como Maintenance Services, where we specialize in revealing the secrets to properly power washing an oily driveway. Transform your stained pavement into a pristine surface with our expert tips and techniques. This process is not easily done by untrained personnel, but it is also not impossible, especially if you have the right tools and handy personality. Here is a step by step instruction on how your driveway can be spotless again.

Clean your oily driveway like a pro

Understanding the Challenge

Oily stains can be stubborn and challenging to remove from driveways. It's essential to recognize the type of oil stain you're dealing with, as different oils may require different cleaning approaches. Motor oil or rust proofing liquid can be fairly easy removed from your driveway if you act quickly and take appropriate steps. Failing to remove the stains as quickly as one or two days could mean that the oil sinks into asphalt and concrete pavers. Not saying that all is lost if the oil stays longer than that, but is will surely be harder to remove.

Preparing the Area

Before you start power washing, clear the driveway of any obstacles such as vehicles, toys, or debris. 

Oil stained driveway

Sweep the surface to remove loose dirt and leaves. This ensures a thorough and effective cleaning process.

Choosing the Right Detergent

Invest in a high-quality degreaser or oil stain remover specifically designed for concrete or driveway surfaces. Apply the detergent directly to the oil stains and let it sit for the recommended time to penetrate and break down the oil. Thinking of retail stores? Sometimes retailers will have great products, but usually pros have products that work better and faster. Invest an hour or two to research what the pros are using, what products most pros recommend and why. This can be very helpful.

Hot Water Power Washing

Now this step can be a deal breaker for many DIY homeowners. While pressure washers are widely available for purchase or rent in local hardware stores, hot water power washers are hard to come by. These units are more difficult to operate and more costly than cold water pressure washers and therefore very few rental stores rent it if any. If you know a friend who owns one might be happy to lend it to you, other than that, buying one just for cleaning your driveway might defeat the purpose. If you get across one power wash unit, the combination of hot water and high pressure is a powerful weapon against oily stains. Use a power washer with a hot water setting to maximize effectiveness. The heat helps to dissolve the oil, making it easier to wash away.


Power washing oily driveway

Adjusting Pressure Settings

Start with a lower pressure setting and gradually increase if needed. Too much pressure can damage the concrete surface, so it's crucial to find the right balance. Test a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure the pressure is appropriate.

Maintaining a Safe Distance

Hold the power washer nozzle at a safe distance from the surface to avoid causing damage. Typically, a distance of 8 to 12 inches is recommended. Keep the nozzle moving smoothly to prevent etching or streaking. If you can get hold of surface cleaner, that would be even better.

Rinse and Repeat

Once the power washing is complete, thoroughly rinse the driveway to remove any remaining detergent or loosened oil. 

If stubborn stains persist, repeat the process until you achieve the desired results.

Post-Cleaning Care

After power washing, consider applying a concrete sealer to protect your driveway from future stains and enhance its overall durability. This extra step can help maintain a cleaner appearance for a more extended period.

If you live in Southern Ontario and the power washing process is perhaps something you are not comfortable with and those stains are still there making the driveway look like mechanic shop, contacting your trusted power wash contractor is great idea. Professionals will have the equipment and the knowledge to remove oil stains quickly and efficiently for you. 

At Como Maintenance Services, we bring expertise and experience to the forefront of your driveway cleaning needs. Our team understands the intricacies of power washing oily driveways, ensuring a tailored approach that effectively removes stains without compromising the integrity of your concrete surface.

Ready to revitalize your oily driveway? Contact Como Maintenance Services today for professional power washing services that bring back the shine to your pavement. Transform your stained driveway into a welcoming entrance with our expert touch.

Clean driveway

Oil stains don't have to be permanent ugly remainder of drippy car, instead those ugly spots can be removed by good DIY handy person or trained professionals.

If you like us to the care of your oil stains, Como Maintenance Team will be more than happy do get the task done for you.

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