Lawn Mowing Services in Newmarket

Lawn Mowing Services Newmarket

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Lawn mowing services in newmarket

Weekly & Byweekly Plans

Our popular lawn mowing plan combines weekly lawn mowing with your spring and fall cleanups. 

Lawn Mowing services Newmarket

Weekly Lawn Mowing from $140 / month

Our weekly or biweekly lawn mowing plans run from April through November. 

 Lawn and Garden Care Packages 

3  Seasons Maintenance

Our most popular lawn maintenance package includes 8 months of service from April through to November on either a bi-weekly or weekly basis.

It includes lawn removal, cleaning and lawn detailing.

All lawn care services provided by Como Maintenance Services are client base oriented to help produce the look and curb appeal for individual homeowners wants and needs. We will provide the best suited lawn mowing services in Newmarket for you.

Lawn mowing newmarket
Spring Clean Up

Welcome the warm weather and barbecue season by having us clean up your yard this spring! 

Get rid of debris, leaves, branches and dead scrubs and plants.

We can prune the trees in time before the first spring temperatures allow the movement of tree sap.

Any size tree or scrub pruning is welcome.

Services include detailing, cleaning and removal of debris.

Fall Clean Up

Cleaning in the fall is equally as important as Spring clean-up. The only way to enjoy the full potential of your landscape next season and to clean it efficiently in the Spring is to prepare it in the late Fall.

Como Maintenance Services are here for you. Hire us this fall to cross this off your holiday to-do list.

We can clean your property as one time service or as a scheduled maintenance package.

Lawn Seeding

For your entire lawn or just the bare spots, seeding with the specific seed your property needs is important aspect of your healthy lawn. 

As other lawn care services offered by Como Maintenance Services, we can seed lawn as a one time job or as part of scheduled lawn care package.

Lawn Fertilizing
Garden services in newmarket
Spring clean up in newmarket
Grass cutting in newmarket

At Como Maintenance Services, we fertilize 3 times a season early spring, mid-summer and fall at your request.

We use environmentally friendly fertilizers that provide the desired outcome.  Our fertilizing service is delivered on a reliable and recurring schedule and at an affordable cost.

A freshly-mowed lawn appeals to both the homeowner and to those who visit the property, especially if that lawn is lush and has a healthy green shade. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

 -  When does lawn mowing start and stop?

Lawn mowing services Newmarket begin in April and end in November.  You can start and stop your lawn mowing services at any time, we will work closely with you in order to provide the proper service designed for your property.

- What's included in a lawn mowing visit?

Your weekly or biweekly lawn mowing visits will include a cut of your lawn with freshly sharpened blades, professional trim of the borders of your lawn where it meets walkways, gardens or obstacles, debris cleanup of your property.

- What is Your Service Area for Grass Cutting Services?

We offer lawn mowing services in East Gwillimbury, Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, King Township, West Gwillimbury, and surrounding neighbourhoods.

- How Do I pay?

We invoice once a month, on the first day of the month. Invoices arrive by email.

We also accept payment by email money transfer (it's set up for automatic deposit, so no passwords are required), or by cheque.

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At Como Maintenance Services, we're committed to creating healthy, green lawns the ecology-friendly way. We provide lawn care services to clients in York Region. Clients health and safety, as well as that of the local environment is most important to us.  As service providers in lawn care field, we have the knowledge and expertise to achieve the gorgeous lawn you envision without the use of pesticides.

Lawn mowing Services Newmarket

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Como Maintenance services has a fully qualified team of operators dedicated to keeping your property looking its best all year round.  We provide a reliable service and take care of both residential and commercial properties.

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