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Residential Interlocking Maintenance

Driveway and Patio Stone Upkeep 

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Interlocking stone and concrete slabs can be a wonderful addition to enhance your home landscape. Real challenge can be the proper maintenance. Without the proper regular care, your proud interlocking surface could wind up looking a bit displeasing over time. Dirt and soil could build up over time in between the fine pores and seams, allowing weeds to grow and water to undermine the structure. One of the best ways to ensure that you enjoy your expansive interlocking landscapes for now and many years to come is to make sure that you have a professional company on hand that can assist you with all of the interlocking stone repair, washing and sealing services you need in order to keep your landscaping design looking its best. Como Maintenance Services is Toronto based interlocking company who will take care of all stone surfaces you might have around your property.

Interlocking pressure washing

Interlocking cleaning Toronto

Hiring professionals to clean your interlocking stone landscaping surfaces properly is one of the best ways to protect your investment. Your pavers receive a lot of traffic over the years, they have the potential to last for a very long time, but only if you give them the proper care they need. During the cleaning and sealing service, stains will be treated, stones rejuvenated, joints will be refilled, and weeds will be removed. Como Maintenance Services takes care of all those important steps for you. After pressure washing, and polymer sand adding, a transparent layer of sealing liquid will be added over the pavers, helping to preserve their colour and protecting them from further damage.

Driveway and sidewalk maintenance Toronto

Beside the aesthetic aspect of proper home interlocking, benefits of properly maintaining interlocking surfaces surpass the pleasure to the eye!

Not properly sealed and cracked joints invite the growth of weeds. Grass and other plant roots enhance further water dribble, undermining your underlayment.


Trouble lurks beneath the surface

Not properly maintained pavers start to shift. The only solution after underlayment damage occurs is to remove the stones and repair the sand underneath the pavers. Cost of repairing your interlocking surfaces could surpass new installation. Therefor, routine maintenance is the best investment protection when it comes to pavers and interlocking surfaces. 

To hire Us means you will get a quality and affordable interlock cleaning and sealing services. It is recommended to clean and re-seal interlock driveways, patios and pool decks every two to three years. 


Como Maintenance Services proudly offers professional interlock cleaning and sealing services for homes and businesses.

Sealing interlocking surfaces

When we apply a sealant, it helps to extend the life of outdoor concrete and stone work by making it more resistant to sun, water and weed growth.  High-grade sealant reinforces the density and hardness of the material, significantly increasing its tensile strength. With proper sealing and maintenance, a driveway can last for many years before needing to be redone.

Como Maintenance Services interlocking team enhances the look of your concrete and stone surface. A sealed garage, driveway, walkway or patio is much easier to clean.  The only cleaning you need to to is to watch rain taking care of unwanted pollen, dust and debris.

Driveway Maintenance Services Toronto
Interlocking Maintenance Procedure with Como Maintenance Services

Once we set an estimate appointment, we will asses the state of your property in order to provide you with a fully customized maintenance service. We will recommend only the necessary steps in order to achieve the best results for the best longevity for your property. If the surface is levelled and no further damages have been spotted, second step in enhancing your property is to pressure wash the surface in order to clean stains, removing unwanted plant growth and ant colonies. 

The installation of polymeric sand may not get the attention it deserves because it can be handed off to anyone. Unfortunately, that is not the case. It is extremely important to choose the right product for each driveway including taking proper steps to achieve the desired outcome. We will recommend the best product for your interlocking and you can choose the colour of sand you wish to be added. Third but not the last process is to seal all of interlocking stones, concrete and joints. That way your property has the best protection it needs. After drying period, your driveway and walkway will be ready for business.

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Reseting Residential Pavers

If the surface of your paver has become uneven, the damage must be repaired by removing the pavers effected. Following that, underlayment sand needs to be added to the base course in order to level the surface. Before the pavers go back in place, underlayment sand needs to be compacted. After replacing the pavers, polymeric sand is to be added into the joints. And final step would be to seal pavers and joints with a clear sealer. 

This process could be costly and should be done by professionals you can trust to get the job done right and efficient. This way your investment is protected and guaranteed. 

Best interlocking maintenance company in Toronto

Hire Interlocking Contractor in the GTA who will work for your interest. Como Maintenance Services will recommend, estimate and conduct the work client based first! Only necessary steps will be done in order to extend the lifetime of your investment. We offer free estimates and timely maintenance services.

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