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Fence Sealing Newmarket

Fence Staining Services Newmarket

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Fence Staining and Sealing Services in Newmarket

Best Fence Staining and Sealing Services in Newmarket

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Fence Staining  in Newmarket

When you look at your Newmarket property fence, what do you see? If you see darkened pickets, lumber infested with algae and widening cracks, then it is time that you get your fence protected properly. At Como Maintenance Services, we are dedicated to providing quality fence staining and sealing services to all of our valued customers in Newmarket and across the GTA. What makes us different from the rest of our competitors is that we treat every customer like a member of our family. We offer the greatest service available and genuinely care about the appearance of the fences on your property. For a free consultation and 5-star fence treatment, Newmarket residents can rely on top services providers in the area, get in touch with us.

Expert Fence Staining in Newmarket

5- Star Fence Staining and Sealing

We offer fence cleaning, sealing, staining and repair services for Residential and Commercial properties. Your fence is in good hands, we provide our valued clients with the best professional and high-quality fence maintenance services. With all weather challenges in Newmarket – there is no doubt you will like to be in need of proper fence maintenance in order to beautify and prolong the lifespan of your investment..

Fence Wash Newmarket

Fence Wash

Newmarket Fence Sealing

Fence Sealing

Fence Staining Newmarket

Fence Staining

Different types of Fence Protective Treatment

Fence sealing is a protective treatment applied to wooden fences to guard against the elements and extend the lifespan of the wood. The primary purpose of sealing is to create a barrier that prevents water, sunlight, and other environmental factors from penetrating the wood. This helps in reducing the risk of rot, decay, and damage caused by UV rays.

Fence staining involves applying a pigmented solution to the wood, adding color to enhance its aesthetic appeal while simultaneously providing protection. Stains come in various shades, allowing homeowners to choose from a range of colors that complement their outdoor environment.

Clients can choose between different opacities: Clear Stain, Semi Transparent Stain, Semi Solid Stain and Solid Stain.

Choosing Best Fence Care Experts in Newmarket

Since every homeowner has unique demands, and every fence is different, we do not provide a straightforward, same approach to every fence care.

When you work with the team at Como Maintenance Services, we will carefully inspect the fence, take in account your desires and together, we will determine what the best procedure to follow.

Your beautiful and functional property is our mission.

Our staff is skilled in creating personalized care procedures that guarantee your home's fence is always taken care of.

We refuse to sacrifice quality over profit. If the fence is in rough shape and in need or repair or replacement, sealing or staining will be only done if the structural integrity is provided.

Fence staining Newmarket
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Fence Staining Newmarket
My 30+ year old deck has been reborn. The pressure washing was completed in one day. Time for drying then the sanding and protective sealing work were completed. Como Maintenance Services staff were a pleasure to work with. Also, had the 40 year old siding cleaned. Very satisfied with both. Highly recommended.

Gabriella, North York

Newmarket Fence Sealing

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Transform your property's ambiance with Como Maintenance Services. Whether you own a commercial space or a residential property, our fence maintenance team is here to enhance your outdoor spaces and to create a lasting impression.

Ready to experience the Como difference? Contact us today for a consultation, and let us show you why we are the preferred choice for fence staining and sealing services in Newmarket and surrounding areas.

Do you have a grungy and dated fence?

Call us today and let us improve the looks of your fence as fast as same week.

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Emergency Fence Repair Services in Newmarket

Bad things can happen to good people! Canadian weather is unpredictable and even the best fence can get damaged by fallen tree branched or heavy wind. If you are in need of emergency fence repair due to by law or any other safety concerns, Como Maintenance Services will respond within hours and repair your fence to meet and exceed safety standards. Contact Como Maintenance Services any time for all property maintenance emergencies. We offer emergency fence repair services to ensure that your home is safe and sound, your fence will perform as good as new.

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