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Post Construction Cleaning Vaughan

Post Construction Cleaning Vaughan

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Post Construction Cleaning Services in Vaughan

Trusted Construction and Post Construction Cleaning Contractor in Vaughan

Imagine moving into a spotlessly clean house or place of employment once construction is finished. The windows are gleaming, the floors have been dusted and mopped, and your premises are immaculate. Now that you're settled in, you can start using your house or place of employment. After construction, our Como Maintenance Service crew will arrive and get your space ready so you can settle into a setting you love. We can assist you if you require comprehensive post-construction cleaning in Vaughan.

Expert Construction cleaners in Vaughan

Feeling worn out from creating or renovating your business or industrial space? Was the mess left by the contractors?


Once construction is finished, seek professional assistance to finish the project. Como Maintenance Services provides complete floor and carpet cleaning, debris removal, and cleaning after and during construction. We can handle all the dust debris and stains!

Our organization will guarantee that your facility is completed and prepared for public use, using efficient cleaning methods, prompt execution, and professional standards.


We can provide you with the following cleaning services after construction:

Floor Care

We offer five star vacuuming, floor scrubbing, polishing and floor dusting services. 

Once the construction is completed our team will arrive on site and we will take care of all floor care needs. When we are done, floors will be spotless and free of dust and other contaminants. Ready for moving in.

Glass partition cleaning Vaughan
Post Construction Cleaning Vaughan
Vaughan post construction cleaning
Window and Glass Partition Cleaning

Our team has years of expertise cleaning the exteriors and interiors of big buildings and are well-versed in safety regulations. We efficiently remove layers of dust and grime that can collect during construction with our window and light washing services. In this manner, the windows and glass partition inside and exterior shine as brightly as they did when they were first packaged.

Dusting Off and Debris Removal

Contractors left a mess on the job site? 

Busy and tight schedules demand quick acting, fast job completion and there is just no room for cleaning.

No worries, Como Maintenance Services can remove all debris and dust from your construction site, quickly and safely.

Debris removal Vaughan
Final construction cleaning Vaughan
Final Cleaning

Just before or during the move, Como Maintenance Services will get all the floors, doors, window, glass partitions, light fixtures and furniture cleaned for final inspection and operation.

We will sanitize all surfaces for healthy and safe environment.

Five Star Post Construction Cleaning Contractor in Vaughan

Every construction is unique and every post construction cleaning in Vaughan deserves a fully customized approach.

Whether your project is residential home or major commercial or industrial building, Como Maintenance Services can and will remove debris, scrub flooring, pressure wash building and complete every other task included in scope of construction and post construction cleaning agreement.


We will utilize best machinery and equipment for each individual cleaning task. Our know-how and experience in the business guarantees top execution of any job size.

By choosing us as your post construction cleaning specialists, you can rest assured that your project task and deadline will be taken care of the best way possible. We utilize best cleaning methods, customized for variety of surfaces and contamination types. 

Success of your project is our mission and we will deliver best services first time, every time.

Our Post Construction Cleaning Services We offer:
  • Debris Removal

  • Construction Dumpster Supply

  • Pressure Washing

  • Floor Scrubbing

  • Vacuuming

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Floor care

  • Final Cleaning

  • Window Cleaning

  • Washroom sanitizing

  • Glass doors/partitions

  • and more

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Hire Como Maintenance Services for Your Construction Project in Vaughan

Contact Us today and work with best Construction and Post Construction Contractor in Town! From custom homes, subdivisions to commercial construction sites, Como Maintenance Services is a trusted partner in your project. We will closely work with you and follow your schedule in order to provide top services while minimally interrupting your project and other contractors working on site.

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Como Maintenance Services Vaughan

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