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Interlock sealing Newmarket

Interlock Sealing Newmarket

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Interlock Sealing Services Newmarket

Newmarket's most trusted Interlock Maintenance Contractor

About Us:

Como Maintenance Services offers one of the best interlock sealing services in Newmarket, York Region, and all of Southern Ontario.

Are you trying to find a trustworthy and experienced interlock sealing service? Como Maintenance Services is the only place to look! We are a group of professionals that came together with the specific goal of conducting business with the highest degree of honesty and completing each task to the greatest pleasure of our clients. We have based our company on the values of environmental consciousness, superior customer service, high-quality finishes, honesty, and integrity. We take great pride in having been entrusted with our clients most prized and distinctive possessions. Newmarket and the rest of York Region is served by Como Maintenance Services, which offers interlock maintenance services for both homes and businesses. In addition to having WSIB coverage and full liability insurance, our skilled technicians are among the kindest people in the business!

Interlock sealing Newmarket

We provide the greatest prices along with quick task completion. Our goal is to offer the best customer service experience in the sector. Our knowledgeable technicians are kind, considerate individuals who know how important it is to handle your property with care and respect. Building enduring connections is essential to our business, and we go above and beyond to ensure that you are a delighted, content customer.

Expert Interlock Sealing Company in Newmarket

Every interlock sealing service in Newmarket is unique and it deserves a fully customized approach. Whether you own a thriving business or owning a beautiful home, Como Maintenance Services can and will improve your aesthetics and therefor improve your property value and better foot traffic for your business. Power washing is an effective cleaning approach that will improve the appearance of interlocking pawers and our approved and years long tested seal will protect your pavers from rain and harsh environmental impact. By choosing us as your interlock maintenance contractor, you can rest assured that your valuable property will be taken care of the best way possible. We utilize best cleaning methods, best polymeric sand and seal on the market. For though stains like oil and grease, our hot water power washing units will breakdown oil or grease particles more easily and with help of cleaning detergents even most stubborn stains have no chance. For more common pressure washing applications, cold water units will do the trick. We add polymeric sand to your pavers if needed for top stability and our commercial grade sealers will protect your interlocking surface from the environmental impact and future stains.

interlocking maintenance Newmarket

Why is Interlock Maintenance so Important?

Interlock surface might be the most expensive investment you have on your property after the house it self. Leaving this beautiful surface to circumstances is irresponsible and will cause costly repair or entire replacement down the road. Pressure washing may be required to clean motor oil or rust stains, to remove algae buildup or weed growth, adding polymeric sand increases stability of the pavers and sealing the surface protects the interlock from rain, snow and ice. The filth, dirt, and caked-on debris make your house or commercial facility interlock seem unpleasant and can be a turn-off if you rely on consumers visiting your establishment on a daily basis. Businesses frequently place themselves on a pre-scheduled maintenance regimen in which they have the professionals come onto their property at pre-scheduled periods for cleaning and sealing.


Maintaining the appearance of your home is simple when professional interlock sealing is performed at your leisure. Professionals will also present you with an estimate before beginning work, you can be confident that you'll know how much the project will cost before agreeing to hire them. 

Recommended interlock maintenance intervals are every 2-3 years depending on the usage, dirt and other contaminants.

Many homeowners wait until grass and ant hills appear in between the pavers, this can mean the deterioration process has already begun. Plant roots and ant nests will let water sip between pavers, slowly but surely washing of the underlayment sand, making pavers to sink in and twist. This will end up in fall hazard that will need to be repaired or replaced entirely, leaving your budget in bid distress. Interlock repair or entire replacement can cost anywhere between $3000 and $30.000 depending on the extent of the damages and cost of material. Regular interlock maintenance will not only cost you less, but instead of unpredictable outcome, you will always have best looking and inviting property.

Our Interlock Maintenance Services:

  • Pressure washing

  • Oil Stain removal

  • Weed removal

  • Polymeric sand adding

  • Sealing (semi gloss/matt finish)

  • Rust stain removal

  • Repair work

  • Edging

  • Efflorescence removal

We serve:

  • Newmarket

  • East Gwillimbury

  • West Gwillimbury

  • Aurora

  • Barrie

  • Vaughan

  • Richmond Hill

  • Markham

  • Stouffville

  • King City

  • North York

  • Toronto

Interlock sealing Newmarket
Great looking Property is not an accident!

Great looking property is rather the product of dedication, know-how and implementing best maintenance practices. 

From pressure washing, interlock sealing, adding polymeric sand or interlock repair work, Como Maintenance Services is standing by its quality and promises, we will treat your property as good as it was our own.

With us your home or business is definitely in good hands, first time, every time.

Are you prepared to enhance the beauty and worth of your house with high-end interlocking? If so, you've arrived at the ideal location. Como Maintenance Services is the go-to interlock sealing specialist in Newmarket for both residential and business clients for a number of reasons.


When it comes to mending your interlock driveway or concrete outdoor spaces, we pay attention to your requirements, suggest the finest courses of action, and go above and beyond. You may rely on us to utilize premium materials to achieve durable outcomes. We have the perfect mix of expertise, resources, and labour to ensure that your concrete sealing project is handled expertly.

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